The Pakistan Journal of Social Sciences and Research (PJSSR) aims to serve as a prominent platform for the dissemination of original research, theoretical perspectives, and critical analyses in the field of social sciences within Pakistan and beyond. PJSSR is committed to advancing knowledge, fostering interdisciplinary dialogue, and promoting evidence-based approaches to address social, economic, and cultural challenges facing contemporary society. The journal strives to contribute to scholarly discourse, policy formulation, and social transformation by facilitating the exchange of innovative ideas, empirical findings, and theoretical insights among researchers, practitioners, policymakers, and stakeholders in Pakistan and the wider global community.

PJSSR welcomes contributions from various disciplines within the social sciences, encompassing a wide range of topics, methodologies, and theoretical perspectives. The scope of PJSSR includes, but is not limited to, the following areas:

1. **Sociology:** Studies on social structures, institutions, relationships, and processes; sociological theory; social stratification; social change; and sociological perspectives on various social phenomena.
2. **Psychology:** Research on human behavior, cognition, emotion, personality, mental health, social psychology, developmental psychology, and applied psychology.
3. **Anthropology:** Investigations into human cultures, societies, beliefs, practices, rituals, kinship systems, social organization, and ethnographic studies.
4. **Economics:** Economic theory, microeconomics, macroeconomics, development economics, labor economics, international economics, and applied economics.
5. **Political Science:** Analysis of political systems, governance structures, political behavior, public policy, international relations, comparative politics, and political ideologies.
6. **Education:** Research on educational theories, policies, practices, curriculum development, pedagogical approaches, educational technology, and educational psychology.
7. **Geography:** Studies on spatial patterns, human-environment interactions, urban and regional planning, cartography, GIS applications, and environmental geography.
8. **History:** Historical research on various periods, events, movements, cultures, civilizations, and historiographical approaches.
9. **Communication Studies:** Analysis of communication processes, media studies, journalism, public relations, communication technologies, and mass communication effects.
10. **Social Work:** Research on social welfare, community development, social justice, human rights, social services, and social work interventions.

PJSSR encourages interdisciplinary research that integrates insights from multiple social science disciplines and engages with real-world issues and challenges. The journal welcomes empirical studies, theoretical contributions, literature reviews, case studies, methodological innovations, and critical reflections that contribute to advancing knowledge, enhancing understanding, and promoting social change in Pakistan and beyond.